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“If Painting is an Art, Printing is Craftsmanship”​

The beginnings​
With this thought ,sometime in the year 1932, while India was still ruled by the British and seeds of Independent India were being sown, foundation of Imperial Printing Press was laid by Honorable Late Sh. Amrit Lal Puri in the northern Indian city of Dharamshala. It was the first Printing Press in the region, established with the intent to promote education and bring Printing closer to the people in the hills, who otherwise would travel all the way to Delhi or Amritsar, even for small Printing works.
Why we are different​
Almost 90 years post it’s establishment, Imperial Printing Press stands tall in Printing industry, reputed for its quality and commitment. Printing runs in the veins of family, who has taken the legacy forward from “Movable type Printing Technique” to present day “Multicolor Offset Printing Technology”. We are among the very few Printing units in the country who has experienced almost all Printing technologies and adapted with time, in order to provide best printing experience. Mr Arun Puri, who took over the reins from his father has steered the entire journey from Movable Type Printing to Lithography then Automatic machines and finally the Offset Printing Technology. His eye for detail & his commitment to deliver has made him one of the most respectable printer’s in north India.
Present & the future
Today, as the world goes through the transition, with technology touching every aspect of our lives, Imperial Printing Press pioneers the adoption of latest technology in the world of printing. Younger son of Mr. Arun, Mr. Alok has passionately continued the tradition of delivering the best to our customers. Alok has largely contributed to set up the computer lab as part of Printing Press in order to make the process faster & effective. Addition of Digital Printing machines & automated binder machines bring us at par with the latest technologies in the world. The business continues to flourish & we are proud to say that we are one of the finest Printing houses in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Imperial Printing Press has sustained the test of time and with the vision to provide best printing experience, we thrive to be the leaders in our unique way.